Vocational B


1. Making Coir Door Mats:

In this activity the students are taught the skill of making coir mats right from the start of process which is placing the coir rope in water and then drying it to weaving beautiful shapes and patterns all of which the students perform skilfully.

First take the bundle of coir. Take as many ropes as you want from that bundle. Then take a bucket of filled water. The colors like red, blue, green, yellow etc. are added in it. The rope is then left to dry in the sun. After a few hours, the rope is collected and brought close to the machine, then given to each child according to his level.

  • The first group:-

Ask the children to soak the colored rope and the simple rope in the bucket of water at present.

  • The second group:-

Bringing different colored and currently colored ropes to the children working on the machine. And clean the finished pipe with scissors.

  • The third group:-

Knitting on a handmade machine of coir and weaving by pressing the woven pipe fitting on the same machine.