Suyog Chandrahas Patil


Name: Suyog Chandrahas Patil

Disability: Intellectually Disabled

DOB: 19 Dec, 1993

IQ: 50 Percent

Address: Dattaguru CHS., Chinchpada, Taluk Pen, District Raigad.

Suyog used to spend his time in the hotel all day. He also had some bad habits due to the surrounding company e.g. Using foreign language, not listening to parents, eating at the hotel all day. Due to all these things, Suyog's parents, especially his mother, were very upset, and she was very emotional about her child and was told various stories. Prakash was worried about his child's future. By convincing Suyog's parents about the importance of school, I was able to reduce their fears and anxieties to a great extent and Suyog's school journey started for the next day.

Frightened and confused by the surrounding environment, the opportunity slowly crept into the school and very quickly became one with the school environment. Began to show his interest in various activities in the school. One of the most important qualities of him was his 'leadership qualities', which made Suyog, who was very shy and calm in the classroom, now show his participation in every activity with the encouragement of the teachers, which made the parents very happy and happy.

In the inter-school cricket tournament, he got the trophy on 'Best Fielder' and coincidentally, he and because of him, we got Master Blaster Shri. Sachin Tendulkar or M. C. A. Bandra got a golden opportunity to meet here. He guided Suyog and special children like him on how to play cricket. Since Suyog loves cricket, he was overjoyed to see Sachin, and he started telling everyone about the visit with joy and appreciation.

But this happiness did not last long. This is because Pen Urban Bank was closed and Suyog's father's hotel and Suyog's house were also demolished in the widening of the road. It was as if the sky had fallen on his parents, it was having a very adverse effect on the home environment, the frustration of the family was reflected in Suyog's behavior Gradually, as before, positive changes began to occur, Now, based on vocational training, Suyog is helping to make many items in the vocational training center. And the happiest thing is that the well-known Ganpati factory in Pen, Hon. Mr. Deepak Samel's eldest son Shri. Sachin Samel visited the school and provided a golden opportunity for Suyog and 4 other children like him to get proper training and employment in part-time sculpture in his Ganpati factory. So Suyog and his friends were very happy.

Mr. Sachin Samel not only gave a place in his Ganpati factory to bring these mentally retarded children into the mainstream of the society, but also involved Suyog and other students in the institute in his Dhol-Tasha troupe. According to the President of the organization, Dr. Surekha Patil, the weaker sections of the society will not be weak but will move towards greater empowerment. There is a skilled and honest craftsman hidden in these special people. All that is needed is for the society to recognize their talents and give them a chance. If there is going to be a radical change, then of course the society has to think about it. It is our responsibility to provide you with skilled craftsmen as per your expectation, and we request you give them employment opportunities and strengthen them in their wings.

Just as the ray of light shone in the life of Suyog, so the ray of light shines in the life of mentally retarded persons undergoing vocational training in various institutes like it.