Outreach Programs

Awareness Programs

Suhit Jeevan Trust, Pen conducts many awareness programs about Intellectual disability for more awareness in the parents and the society as a whole about what is it, the causes and difficulties involved in the same.

One of the hardest things for any parent to hear is that their child has a physical or mental disability. It may come as a complete shock; you may have thought that your child has been just a little slower than others their age.

But such awareness workshops educate and encourage parents so that they can enrol these children in a special school.

The institution invites eminent experts and professionals of various disabilities to guide local people, regular school teachers, students, Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, Nurses of Primary health centre etc. It also organizes street plays, rallies, exhibitions, cultural programs for creating awareness among the different levels of the people of the society.

Currently, the outreach team visits the families to educate them on their rights and benefits, as well as showing them how to receive the benefits. In our school, we have started a successful workshop program for parents and caretakers. Through this we have taken away the feeling of guilt and empowered the attending parents to stick up for their child and find ways to create a better future. The parents with enthusiasm have invited topics like causes of disabilities, children’s rights and how to share worries.

This also guide them on how to take proper and provide encouragement to these children. Parents of these special children today need to be convinced that if their child is encouraged and believes in himself, there is no reason why he should not progress in any of these programs. Such workshops are taken from time to time and have made a lot of impact on the overall understanding of various parents and teachers of many areas near Pen, Raigad.

  • We do in-depth assessment of the areas to include numbers and needs of children with disabilities and the provision available for them (with knowledge of other NGOs) in affiliation with the rehabilitation center of Raigad district.
  • We make contact and links with other providers in the area, such as schools, clinics and homes (government and private).
  • We provide capacity building workshops for CWDs, their parents and staff.
  • Providing counselling and personalized support for the families of CWDs.