special school

Special School

Sumangal School for Mentally Challenged Children (SSMCC) school

Registration No.0942

The special school includes activities such as playgroup education in pre-primary & primary classes. For severe & profoundly retarded children they have special class.

In all these classes the kidsundergo improvement of their cognitive, psycho-social, motor, communication, & activities of daily living skills. School staff will work with the child’s parents to develop an Individualized Education Program. It describes the child’s unique needs and the services that have been designed to meet those needs. Special education and related services are provided at no cost to parents. Co-curricular activities like yoga, music, physical education, dance, play, craft, drawing are also given due importance in their curriculum as we follow a holistic learning approach. Regular health check-up camps are organised to create awareness about all disabilities, good health, cleanliness, hygiene and consequences of bad habits. The children are provided adequate recreation with television, and modern audio-visual aids like E-learning project and other educational equipment in the school. Students are also given pre –vocational & self-advocacy training from grass-root level before placing them in vocational training centre.

Based on the evaluation capabilities of the students, age, and functionalities they are
classified in the following classes: -

1) Pre- Nursery class
2) Nursery class
3) Pre-primary class
4) Primary class
5) Pre-vocational class
6) Special class