Suhit Jeevan Trust strives to support our special kids, to make them self-independent and to give them their deserved place in the society.


Perfectly Designed
Individual Education Program.

The teachers with the help of online and direct contact, provide training to the children as per their individual needs through Individual Educational Program.


Highly Accessible

We provide a highly accessible environment with a Holistic approach to learning. Overall, from special education to vocational training we have a self-sufficient study environment.


Innovative Approach
to Learning.

Our institute strives for inclusion of many different innovative arts and skills to be taught to the special kids for their overall growth, development and happiness.


Online Learning
& Guidance

Keeping in mind the latest needs the institute now provides online learning for special kids along with guidance and counselling to parents through child-centred approach.

Suhit Jeevan Trust is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. The trust was incorporated in the year 2004 with Registration No. E-428 (Raigad) in Pen Taluka, District Raigad. The trust runs the various projects under one umbrella for the holistic learning, growth and development of special kids.

The main aim of the trust is to “educate, train and rehabilitate Mentally Challenged children of rural areas”. The trust is running various units which includes a special school in Pen Taluka under the name Sumangal School for Intellectually Disabled children which is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra. The trust began its journey in the year 2004 starting with just 10 students, and over a period of 15 years, the strength of the students has increased to more than 120. The trust eventually began three other much-required units namely the “Eklavya Vocational Training Centre”, “Light House Special Teacher Training Center” and the latest “Palavi Early Intervention Centre”.

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The Main Focus areas of the Institution

The all-round development of intellectually disabled children and individuals with the help of specialized education, skill-based vocational training, medical support, parental guidance, and counselling.

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Why  Suhit Jeevan?


Highly Trained Staff


Accessible Environment


Need based Curriculum


Free Education & Therapies


Featured Products

The special kids at Suhit Jeevan Trust with the help of teachers craft various beautiful, ecofriendly and innovative products.

Products Made
Products Sold
Diya 8 (Rs. 120/-)
Diya 9 (Rs. 100/-)
Tulsi Soap (Rs. 90/-)
Soap (Rs. 80/-)
Flower (Rs. 30/-)
Flower (Rs. 30/-)
Flower (Rs. 30/-)

Our Projects


Age group 0 to 6 years.

In PEIC we provideearly intervention care in the pre-schooling stage so many of these children can be integrated in inclusive education environment and remaining in special schools.

Vocational Training

(Registration No. A-930)
Age group 18 to 45 years
Number of beneficiaries: 75

EVTC is a sheltered workshop for students where they learn various skills as per their capabilities for their vocational rehabilitation and to make them self-independent.

Special School

(Registration No. B-0942),
Age group 6 to 18 years
Number of beneficiaries: 75

In Sumangal School we provide functional academics like reading, writing, arithmetic, skill training to improve cognitive, psycho-social, motor, communication, sensory-motor and also various activities of daily living

Teacher's Training

(Registration No. 7339)
Number of beneficiaries: 145
Number of beneficiaries: 28

Students from all over India have connected with us for Distance B.Ed. Special Education (ID) course of our LHSTTC.
3291A (centre code)


We Hold for You

Our main aim is to train, educate and rehabilitate children with special needs. We organize events which help us do so.


March 20 - January 01, 1970


March 25 - January 01, 1970


August 21 - January 01, 1970



An appeal to empower
the lives of special children.

Every child has aspirations and hopes. Every parent has dreams for their children.
However, children with disability and their parents too don't dare to dream.
Let’s change this pictureby making a difference by contributing to this Noble cause,and spreading Joy & Hope in their lives.
Let’s make it possible to achieve dreams and goals of Specially-Abled children.

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What People
Say About Us

After visiting Suhit Jeevan Trust I found that it is a heaven on Earth, the same positive vibrations I felt which I had observed while visiting our Golden Temple at Amritsar. Bafna Group salutes the Suhit Jeevan Trust from their core of Heart, for the services that they are contributing to the children and for the society, hats off.

Hon'ble Pritpal Singh Bedi

Today, on 31st July 2013, we were very blessed to come to your organization. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. And complimenting him is beyond the reach of a small artist like me. They are all doing a great job. And this is the prayer to God that may the children be ready while learning with us and grow stronger. Congratulations to all of you once again.

Hon'ble Shri. Devendra Shelar

Its really my pleasure, that I am here to see all these amazing things, May God bless all who are doing this great job.

Hon'ble Shri. Vikrant Desai

The head of the organization, Dr. Surekha Patil Ma'am, and the work started by her is inspiring and admirable. For these special children in rural areas, the work of the organization, and the progress of the children is very commendable, especially the skill of the special kids making various products is unmatched by many artists. My best wishes to the organization's building construction and expansion project. This work will also come to fruition soon.

Hon'ble Shri. Rajesh Narvekar (Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad Raigad.)

All the efforts that youve put in are beautiful. Your work is so inspiring. I wish all the luck and happiness to everyone here.

Hon'ble Tanvi Sardesai, Paris (Psychologist)

Excellent School for Intellectually Disabled children. Staff, Teachers, Volunteers are giving the best services to children as well as school. All members are devoted to school. Excellent efforts are taken by Principal Dr. Surekha Patil Madam, Great Achievement. Keep it up.

Hon'ble Dr. A.N. Harshvardhan (Regional officer MPCB, Raigad District)

Je ka ranjale gaanjale, tyaasi mhane jo apulen, Tochi saadhu olakhaawa, dev tethenchi jaanaawa!! These statements came true. These students performed beautiful programs. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Congratulations to Madam Patil and her entire team. Thank you very much. You are trying to bring such elements of society into the mainstream. Hats off to your entire team again for that.

Hon'ble Shri. Anil Paraskar

It was extremely satisfying to meet Dr. Patil and see the work she does for the Suhit Jeevan Trust. Uncertainly in society is lend up to imbalance and consequently mental disturbance. She and her team deserve to be complimented for not just caring for their children but also helping familys co-op with the imbalance. She is been to expand her experience to several areas where home-based care and perfection can be enables. Our best wishes to them.

Hon'ble Shri. Mukund Gorakshkar

Very motivating experience. All the very best for all the good work you are doing.

Hon'ble Mrs. Vidya Gorakshkar

Very satisfactory, ambience and the best facilities made available to the students. Teachers well trained and good training facilities in the premises. The building and classrooms very well maintained and cleanliness strictly observed. The articles prepared by the students are at par with professional. A very genuine institution doing good work Principal & Staff very warm and affectionate.

Rotary Club of Dombivali Midtown

Sushma Avoghade (Project Coordinator)I visited today this place very beautiful and managed very well all the creativity things happened here. It is very good for special children. All staff very co-operative. Organization is very well and keep all the classrooms are very clean and maintained nicely. All the best.

Hon'ble Sushma Avoghade (Project Coordinator)

Super impressed by the service and facilities provided by the school very well maintained and the staff is very warm and welcoming. Will surely visit again.

Hon'ble Shri. Mahesh Kanakia

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